Friday, November 17, 2006


Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum

Here’s another of our growing list of celebritys who've inexplicably posed nude early in their careers.

Not from an early exploitation film, no, nor a less conservative European feature film, young Antonio Banderas posed nude for a photographer who cleverly held onto the negative. Needless to say, when Mr. Banderas became famous, the photog released this picture over the net.

Porn Watcher’s question: Why did Mr. Melanie Griffith pose for a shot that is obviously not intended as an artistic statement. It is of a hot young man standing naked and letting a (presumably) older man snap a few quick stills. Well, well, well, Antonio, what else have you done with older men when you were young, not as savvy, and strapped for cash?

But he was very hot. And it’s a nice cock.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


RIP Jon Dough

I’ve complained more than a few times on this blog about male porn performers who over-stay their welcome by working in front of the camera after their looks (and occasionally, their hard-ons) have gone. One who worked for over 20 years and still looked great was the hirsute and horny Jon Dough.

I vividly remember the first film in which I saw Dough fuck. I’m sorry to say I don’t recall the title, but he played a guy who’s girlfriend wasn’t very responsive in the sack and so he searched for sexual fulfillment by cheating on her. It was a comedy, and Dough struck me as being very funny, a pretty good actor, sporting a large, hairy prick, and as being sexy as all fuck!

I looked for his films often after that, and, happily, found them regularly. In his 20 year career he acted in over 1000 skin flicks, and directed another 70 or so, most recently for major studios like Anabolic, VCA Excessive, NJ Films, and Hustler. When he began to produce and direct he was one of the pioneers of the gonzo style of porn, an innovation many would copy and more would steal from.

Dough had his own company, Jon Dough Productions, for which he produced his gonzo product. He also owned the Doughboy Video line featuring “oral only” titles. He was renowned in the adult industry for possessing one of the most reliably stiff cocks, but, more importantly, his sense of humor shone through; in Anabolic's Ass Creampies he directed each of the girls to get a plate of whipped cream in the face after the scene.

I’ll always remember ten years ago or so, walking into an adult boutique with one of my porning friends. One of Dough’s films was playing on the television. “Oh, look,” I said, “That’s Jon Dough, one of my new favorites.” “Wow!” my porn buddy responded, “Does he ever do gay flicks?” “No, just straight,’ I told him. He looked at the screen for a moment and said, “What a waste.” I didn’t think it was a waste at all.

It was, tragically, wasted a month ago when Dough, who’s real name was Chet Anuszek, committed suicide in Chatsworth, California, at the age of 43. Dough leaves behind a wife of 12 years, Monique Demoan, as well as a four-year-old daughter. The reason for his suicide has not been given, and maybe no one will ever know why he did it. It always saddens me when an adult performer scrags themselves. It makes the industry look tawdry and immoral. I honestly don’t think more porn stars kill-themselves than, say, mainstream performers. I just think that when they do it receives a great deal more press coverage.

Let’s face it, even in tragedy and death, sex sells.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Wank Tube

Occasionally life drops something onto your lap that so completely changes your world, so completely creates a new reality, makes you so completely ecstatic that you can scarcely stop yourself from jumping up and down, or running through your neighborhood naked, shouting out your joy. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far. But sometimes things come along that do make you very happy, just when you least expect it.

I’ve recently discovered two wonderful new websites; Xtube (at and Porno Tube (at These sites are to porn connoisseurs like you and me what You Tube is to folks who enjoy funny and endearing videos. Xtube and Porno Tube are free sites for people to upload adult flicks and pics for others to watch. Of the two sites, I prefer the convenience and ease of navigation of Porno Tube, but I’ve talked with friends who tell me they tend to go with Xtube. You should check out both, as they each have their own unique pluses and minuses. See what you think, and let me know which hooked you in more deeply.

Both feature short scenes from professionally produced porn, both gay and straight. You can search by subject or fetish, and find just about anything you might be into at the moment. You’ll find endless pages of most anything that’s going to get you off.

But my favorite thing are the amateurs posts. Hundreds of men and women have taken pictures and video of themselves alone and with others; masturbating, sucking, fucking, eating cum, and doing almost anything you imagine. It’s extraordinarily hot, and seeing folks who easily could live next door to any of us in their most intimate moments is a major turn-on. I love these photos and clips, and can (and have) spend an entire evening beating-off just to these. Unbelievably hot.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that while surfing Xtube this past weekend, I unexpectedly came across a friend’s video and pictures. He’s a young chum I’ve always found sexy, and, as he lives in another state (in fact, another coast) I almost never get to see him these days. I’ve also never met his new boyfriend. However, as of Friday night, I’ve seen pictures and video of his new boyfriend. There are shots of the two of them fucking and sucking, and a short video of the boyfriend pulling one off and shooting a huge load of man-jizz covering his six-pack. The boyfriend is hung -- really hung -- and my friend, whom I’ve never seen naked in life, is even hunkier than I’d imagined. Needless to say, I’ve gotten off to that page several times already, and it’s only been forty-eight hours since I came across it.

Now the question is, should I tell my buddy I’ve seen his home-made porn? What do you think? I’m not sure yet, but I’m tending to wonder if I shouldn’t keep it my little secret. I’m just worried next time I run into him I may start giggling. And when I officially meet the hung boyfriend, I may start drooling. Or running through the neighborhood naked, shouting out my joy.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Continental Jerking

When watching straight porn, I always hope for a gang-bang or large orgy scene. I love them! I live to see a group of straight young men, hot, muscular, sweaty and horned up, standing around together, stroking their cocks, each waiting their turn to fuck some lucky cunt. There is nothing else that turns me on as much as that does. I almost get off as fast watching the studs waiting to fuck as I do seeing them going at it. I think it’s just great.

There are several American porn companies that produce gang-bang films, but the truth of the matter is I find the European films much hotter. And, by the way, I find the European men who participate in these sex sequences much hotter than their US counterparts. As I’ve written in the past, the Euro-Studs are more comfortable naked and hard around each other, and they just seem more turned on and excited. It may just be good editing, but you never see them without a fully erect dick. You can’t say that for the American flicks.

I think the best of the European production companies is Private. The films are well directed, stunningly well photographed, the sex is awesome, there are few (if any) girl-on-girl scenes (or if there are, a guy is always present and participating), the guys almost always shoot their sticky jizz on the women’s face and/or mouth, and there are tons of gang-bangs and group sex sequences.

I always know a Private film is going to provide me with a great masturbation experience. If you don’t know their films, check one out. You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Tattoo? Tat No!

I don’t have any tattoos on any part of my body, and frankly, I don’t want any. There is no image I can think of -- no secret Chinese vowel, no animal I identify with, no skull with anything emerging from the eye socket, not even mom’s name -- that I can be sure I’m going to want to still have on my arm or chest or ass or leg forty years from now. Seriously. I don’t even want Porn Watcher inked into an entire arm sleeve. I can do without, thanks.

I also don’t find tattoos very attractive or sexy on other people. If someone has a small discreet tattoo on their ankle, that’s fine, but when I’m jacking-off to a porn flick and a guy (or more and more a woman) appears covered in ink, well, that's a complete turn-off for me. It’s hard to fantasize about someone, to put them into your own secret scenario, when they have the words Sara’s Bitch (or whatever) spelled across their lower back.

With that in mind, I was web-porning the other evening and came across these pictures of this guy. Look at him, a hot, hung guy, very whackable. Except for just one thing.

Now let’s think about this for just a moment. Tatting yourself is one thing -- but come on! -- There???? I mean, who would want to suck on that inked cock? And of course, you have to wonder what it must have been like to have the tattoo done. Did he have to be hard while the tat artist was working on it? If so, just how long did it take to have it done? Get it hard, prick the prick with the ink pen for a few seconds, softness occurs, get it hard again, another couple seconds of inking, softness. It must have taken weeks!

So, if you meet me for sex some time, don’t expect a lot of tats on your pal Axel. And I won’t expect any on you.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A Vampire Who Really Sucks

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I think I enjoy it so much because there’s something vaguely sexual about the celebration. I mean, we all disguise our true identities to become people (or things) we really aren’t. That gives us permission to dare to do things we usually wouldn’t. Not unlike the internet.

And so, to celebrate Halloween, I pulled out my worn VHS copy of 1985’s Gayracula. Sexy, funny, nasty and full of terrific sex, Gayracula is gay porn paradise. The unrelenting carnality, which, thanks to the stunningly hot men in the cast and their sexual enthusiasm, easily catapults this film into the classic category.

And it really is a film. This may be the last great shot-on-celluloid feature of the 80s before video made pornographic filmmaking a thing of the past. Filmed in expensive-to-obtain Eastman Color, the story opens with a lingering shot of dark robed monks carrying a coffin to a cave where they plan to flip its lid and drive a stake through the heart of the sleeping vampire within. But when the vampire-killers open the sepulcher, the bloodsucker transforms into a bat and flies to a nearby mountaintop (which looks suspiciously like the Hollywood Hills) where he materializes into the naked and jaw-droppingly gorgeous Tim Kramer, who bares both his fake fangs and very real cock as the titles roll! By now you’ll know you’re in high camp territory, with the creaky, Dark Shadows style sets and second-hand costume shop wardrobe, but those elements only add to the atmosphere, which is drenched in some white-hot and decidedly unsafe sex. With Gayracula, superstar Tim Kramer turned in his signature performance, and his lovely face, taut, smooth torso, and amazingly beautiful and large dick are the erotic centerpieces of the film.

In the first sex scene, Tim-as-bat flies to a nearby castle, where he enjoys a face-fuck and dick-suck with the very sexy Steve Collins. Filmed on a set with what looks like yards of satin casket liner under the performers, Tim fucks Collins like a machine, working up a drippy sweat as he snarls and shows off his fake plastic fangs and stunning ass.

Flash forward 200 years to Southern California. At a tacky apartment complex, one very tired looking Michael Christopher plays a muscled up Renfield who has an appetite for more than bugs. Once our vampire hero is safely inside, Christopher engages in a little (cock) suck fest with a bearded stud who jacks himself off while Big Mike sinks his fat tool into his hairy ass. What follows is a vintage pre-condom fuck scene, with these long and lean boys working up a sheen of sweet sweat, all captured by director Roger Earl’s very dynamic camera which moves down on and around the action, at points even going up overhead for some astonishing shots before Christopher unloads spurt after spurt of cum which is then replayed in all its slow-motion glory.

Tim rises out of his coffin for the next scene, whereupon he’s offered some of the bearded guy's ass, which he rebuffs with a curt, “Yeah but I don’t like sloppy seconds!” The action moves to a strip club next, where Gayracula watches a bit of the show before deciding to check out the action in the back room. Shedding his clothes, he joins an awesome orgy in progress between a trio of guys. Tim hooks up with a bushy haired, mustached dude for some face fucking. One can’t help but realize how Kramer pointed the way for what would become the ideal of male beauty in the 90s – pretty faced, buff, smooth straight haired boys.

After biting his partner on the neck, Gayracula de-materializes, then re-forms in the club where he witnesses another three-way which unfolds on the stage to some (hilarious) disco music, with the players in (equally hilarious) Mardi Gras masks! Over the top and firmly tongue-in-cheek, the scene is too good. After working out their messy cum-shots, Tim watches a slightly boring solo from a Latino dancer who periodically squirts metal rings out of his asshole much to Tim’s delight. Suddenly a very blond dancer appears and gets barebacked on the floor after lots of ass fingering.

Back at home beside his coffin, Tim arranges his own three-way with two hunks. After dumping the cream of the un-dead on a very hairy chest, Tim, in a very campy scene, draws a young valet to himself utilizing the “power of his mind” -- but not for blood -- for hot, sloppy, dripping cock! Some terrific dick-sucking and open asshole shots follow, with Tim on top during the 69 and some choice close-up ass fingering of the valet. Raw ass-fucking follows, with Tim brutally pounding the hot bubble-butt.

The plot thickens the next night when, upon waking to the strains of a Hollywood soundtrack worthy of Franz Waxman, Gayracula realizes he’s fallen in love with the valet. But first, the thirst! A quick trip to the Burbank blood bank is in order, and Kramer actually sucks blood from a bag before things turn very nasty between a donor and Uber Hunk Doug Weston on an exam table. The burly Weston gets sucked and fingers hairy ass, then pounds butt while a lust-crazed Kramer watches from the sidelines and hisses like a mad cat displaying his plastic fangs!

Finally, Gayracula reunites with his youthful valet, who begs to be given the dark gift of eternal life. And so, the couple bathes in a fountain in a gorgeously shot sequence, then reclines on a blanket while the sun rises, revealing that love has set Tim free – he’s now impervious to the sunlight! When asked what he’s going to with his newfound mortality he replies – eye-rollingly – “I’m going to work on my tan!!”

Gayracula is a fun and sexy classic porn film. Lots of hot guys and plenty of three-ways and orgy sequences. If you’d like to jack-off to a hot horror flick satire, this is one to check out. I promise, you’ll have a good time!

Here are a few stills from one of the many orgy scenes in Gayracula.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Eat (Some Cake) & Blow (Out The Candles)

Time flies when you’re watching hot porn! It was one year ago today, October 15th, that I made my first post to this blog. What a geat time I've had with Porn Watcher!

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year. And, looking back at my posts, I can’t believe the diverse array of porn I’ve watched. I’ve seen gay, I’ve seen straight, I’ve seen bi porn. I’ve juggled DVDs, VHS tapes, reading material, and, my new best friend, the internet. I’ve watched stuff produced professionally, and a whole lot of amateur whackers. I’ve watched romantic couples fucking, I’ve watched guys jacking-off solo, I’ve watched huge aggressive orgies. There has been vanilla sex, experimental sex, rough sex, kinky sex, sex I love doing myself, sex I like watching and would love to try, sex I like watching but wouldn’t want to participate in, and sex that was fascinating but not remotely sexy. I think the only kind of sex I haven’t spent much time with in the last year (or that I quickly fast-forwarded through) was girl-on-girl sex. As a gay man, it just isn't anything that turns me on. I need a guy present, know what I mean?

The other thing I noticed looking back on all the posts is just how much I’ve masturbated in the past year. (Keeping in mind, of course, that Porn Watcher only documents a small percentage of my stoke sessions. Truth be told, I pull one off almost every day. Makes you think, huh?) I’ve jacked-off to so much porn that I have to remember one important thing in the coming months: Drink More Water! Jesus, I’ve lost gallons of liquids pounding my dick.

But I think the best thing to come out of Porn Watcher’s first year is the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know through the comments posted by readers and the wonderful email‘s I‘ve received. It’s very exciting to know folks are reading what I’m writing, and that those people have strong opinions and are passionate about the art of porn. That’s very exciting to me. Neither Picasso nor Warhol -- not to mention Van Gogh or Monet (I mean Claude not Bridgette) -- would have been noticed if there hadn’t been a healthy discussion about their works. I feel the same way about adult entertainment. Porn may not be at the level of those great painters, or of Beethoven or Lloyd-Wright or Bergmen. But I believe the potential is there and that that potential is great.

So, Happy Anniversary to all of us! Let’s continue to watch what gets us off, discover new forms of our favorite entertainment, write passionately about porn, ardently discuss our views of it, and most importantly … Drink More Water!

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